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Frequently Asked Questions


Are animals/pets allowed?

    Most units do not allow for Animals or pets. Some units are pet friendly. Please check the website property listing amenities for more information.

How much is the deposit?

    Deposits are $450 per roommate and refundable when the lease expires. The deposit for 1bedroom is $495.

How long is the lease?

    The lease terms are generally one year. Short term leases are available for certain properties. Leases typically begin August 1st and end July 25th.

Do I need a co-signer for my lease?

    If you are under 21 you will need your parents or legal guardian to co-sign the lease.

How do I pay rent?

    Rent is due on the first day of the month. To pay, simply go to Tenant Portal and pay online.

What if a roommate can’t pay their portion of the rent?

    ALL persons on the lease are responsible for the entire monthly rental charge. If a roommate fails to pay their portion, you must pay that difference to complete the balance due .

What utilities are included in the rental fee each month?

    Tenants are responsible for electric, and/or gas, water/sewer, and cable/internet.

How do I put the utilities in my name and what are the phone numbers?

    Just contact the company ,give them your name and rental property address. Ask to have the utility transferred into your name. Its easy.

    Kentucky American Water Co…..(859) 269-2386

    Kentucky Utilities…..1-800-383-5582

    Columbia Gas…..(859) 288-0200

    Time Warner Cable…..(859) 514-1400

    Sewer-LexServe…..This will start automatically when you start your water service and no set up is required. A bill from LexSeve will come to your water service address.

What do I do if I have maintenance problem?

    Please submit your request through the tenant portal or click Contact Us.
    Please ask Head of Household make all requests.

Are we responsible for maintenance of the grass?

    No, WMP will maintain the lawn .Please refer to Lease Addendum for your responsibilities.

What day is trash collection?

    Please call 311 to get to pick-up day for your property.

Can I move in earlier?

    Sorry, properties are not available for early move-ins.

Can I sublet my room?

    No subletting is not allowed under normal circumstances. If you have any other questions or concerns you may contact us.